Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur
Galloping Across the Glass Ceiling - Strategies for Guiding Your Career Into the Winner's Circle!
In this inspirational and informative program, Susan gives students the knowledge, tools, and strategies they need for success in non-traditional careers.What are non-traditional careers, how to obtain these careers, and why non-traditional careers offer great options for women are just some of the lessons Susan teaches in her program.Susan says, "The best decisions are fully-informed decisions. Your career choice is one of the most important decisions you will make! This program is essential to all who want to make the best decisions about their future.
Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling - Becoming an Exceptional Woman Leader
In this powerful program, Susan presents inspiring stories of women who have made it to the top of their professions and their impact on the world. Students will learn how to understand their own leadership style, as well as how to utilize their "woman strengths" to become leaders of distinction.
Turning the Glass Ceiling into a Kaleidoscope - Diversity Empowering the Workforce
In this enlightening and compelling program, Susan takes her audience from the workplaces of yesterday to those of today, showing how women's roles have changed. Students will learn how women in the modern workforce have positively impacted the economy as corporate leaders and entrepreneurs.