Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur
As a woman who has worked in fields from engineering to physics education to starting her own company, Susan brings to her audiences the experience and understanding of what it means to work in a non-traditional career!
Susan has been non-traditional since childhood, when she played with microscopes and built models. In high school, she was frustrated by school rules which forced her to take home economics rather than shop class - as it was for boys only! One of her favorite vacations is to head out west and participate in cattle drives.
Susan has a unique perspective gained by over twenty years experience in corporate, small business, and educational environments. She has worked in a variety of scientific and technical companies, from satellite manufacturing to telecommunications to software development. As a business owner, Susan has coached and consulted with a great variety of businesses, such as education, fire protection, auto services, landscaping, construction, electrical contracting, roofing design/analysis, and insurance. As an educator, Susan's style has always been to actively engage students in the learning process.
Susan is the author of numerous articles and of the upcoming book, "Galloping Across the Glass Ceiling - Strategies for Guiding Your Career Into the Winner's Circle!"
Susan knows how to combine the most interesting and relevant information for her students with humor and active participation. Her ultimate goal when speaking to college students is to guide them to take actions which will have positive impacts on the rest of their lives.
Koval Associates, founded by Susan, offers a wide range of programs and services to employers - including internet-based assessment tools, management development training, team training workshops and keynote speeches.
Susan holds leadership positions in the Western Monmouth Chamber of Commerce and the Monmouth-Ocean Chapter of the New Jersey Association of Women Business Owners. She is a member of the Society for Human Resource Management and the Jersey Shore Association for Human Resources. Susan volunteers with the Handicapped High Riders at Riding High Farm, assisting with the therapeutic horseback riding program.
Sue and Checkers in a Drill Team performance at the Horse Park of NJ.
Susan has earned bachelors' degrees in Economics and in Electrical Engineering, and a Management Certificate from Rutgers University; a master's degree in Technology Management from Stevens Institute of Technology; and teaching certifications from the state of New Jersey. She is also a certified business coach.
Happily married to Adam, Susan enjoys family and friends, music, sports, learning, and outdoor activities, especially hiking, kayaking, biking, skiing, and riding horses.